SRI EKLINGJI TEMPLE, UDAIPUR- “Where Shiva rules through Maharanas”

Located in the village Kailashpuri at a distance of about 23 km to the North of Udaipur, this temple of Lord Shiva belongs to the Maharanas of Mewar. Out of extreme devotional sentiments, the then ruling Maharaja Sri Bappa Rawal established the temple dedicated to Sri EklingjiNath where in a four faced idol with Shivalingam on top makes the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The four faces of the idol represent Lord Surya, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Rudra, who is the Shiva himself. Alongside the temples of Goddess Parvati, Devi Ganga, Sri Ganesha and Sri Kartikeya are established. From its inception in 8th century, the temple underwent several extensions and the shrine today embodies 108 temples that include the temple of Ambika, Kalka, Meera among others. Besides these, the complex also embodies the temple of Lakulisha, which is supposed to be the only belonging to Lakulisha sect of Shavism.

The interesting aspect of Sri Eklingji Temple is that the Lord Shiva has been held as the presiding ruler where as the Maharanas consider themselves as His ministers. Even today, the successors of Mewar reserve the rights of pooja and maintenance to themselves through Sri Ekalingji Trust. The donation accepted in the temple is put to distribution among the people in religious works.

The 50 feet high, double storyed temple is an epitome of faith and beauty in face of history of the Mewar Dynasty. A must visit in your tours to Rajasthan.


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