The much awaited Tulips have bloomed in Kashmir. Let’s know why are they special

Two years ago, when I got chance to visit Tulip Garden located in the Zabarwan Valley of Kashmir, a sudden curiosity aroused in my eyes. I could not believe to see over 60 varieties of flowers bloomed together, serving a delight to your senses. “Yet another miracle”, I screamed to self. Tulips may not be an unusual sight for many. But the location of Tulip Garden in Srinagar calls for many surprises together. With 20 acres of land area turning rainbow of tulips of multiple varieties, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden rightly commands the position of the largest in Asia.

But that is not what makes it really interesting!!

IT IS the marvelous Kashmir.. and this is important. Kashmir has been blessed with such nature that is impeccable, such beauty that is unforgettable. The soul of Kashmir reveals itself from one corner to another, from one inch to another, from one soul to another. The ancient mountains overlooking millions of flowers surrounded by the green Botanical Garden to the south and enchanting Dal Lake to its west, the Tuilp Garden of Kashmir is irresistible.

The best way to enjoy the beauty is by staying in Taj Hotel, located on a hillock offering close aerial view to the Tulips.





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