Kashmir has higher purpose to fill.

Clicked in Aug, 2014.

Clicked in Aug, 2014.

Kashmir, if it needs any introduction, I would choose to credit it again with “Heaven on Earth”. The miraculous natural beauty is not its only desired claim to be called as heaven. What makes or has made Kashmir special over time is its mighty presence among the timeless Himalayan ranges setting a perfect stage for seekers of truth. The mystic and spiritual land of Kashmir has created exemplary yogis and illumined saints. Every prominent religious construction of Kashmir has had rich mythological history as back. The traces that are left in the form of present ruins of temples are indeed, the traces of divine blessings of “Shiva” and “Shakti” that ruled the sacred life of people of Kashmir for ages. The present confrontation of Kashmir is not new, for this pious and mighty land has witnessed such conflicts many times in past. It was in Kashmir, that the religion of Buddhism flourished. And is the same land of Kashmir which later embraced Islam. As the conflict goes on, the appealing beauty and incredible might of Kashmir continues to appeal to its visitors in both, India and abroad.


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