The Best European Cities in the World (2015) – Conde Nast Readers’ Awards

Kolby Does Europe

So, you’ve got a plane ticket. Actually, you’ve money for a plane ticket.

You’ve got some holiday time, maybe. If not this year, then the next. And you want to make the right call, because although you’ve got your life ahead of you, you just know it’s racing toward you in top gear. If you don’t go this year, you probably won’t go next year. And every 12 months, you put off one destination and preach patience, but you’re scared to shit you’ve just delayed it ’til never.

Well, you may as well trust Conde Nast Traveler. I guess; I don’t know. They have pretty pictures and glossy pages… I suppose that’s a decent cover to read a book by. And anyway, its readers ranked the following Top 10, which were pulled from a worldwide Top 25. (Florence was No. 1 on that one, too, you should…

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