Important Facts about Mata Vaishno Devi


Did you know?

  • That the traces of holy cave of Mata Vaishnodevi are believed to be a million years old.
  • That Devi Vaishnavi was born to a devotee named Ratnakar in the southern part of India.
  • That Devi Vaishnavi in human form rigorously meditated to achieve supreme consciousness and chose Trikuta Hills as her abode.
  • That Devi Vaishnavi left human form and assumed the face of rock therefore immersing herself into meditation for ever.
  • That the three heads referred to as “Pindis” emanate from a single rock (five and a half feet tall), yet are different in texture and colour from one another.
  • That The Goddess emerged on earth to uphold righteousness and help destitute and poor get rid of their sufferings.
  • That the oldest reference of the visit of a historical figure to the Holy Cave is that of Guru Gobind Singh who is said to have gone there via Purmandal.

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