Baba Chamliyal Festival in Jammu

Baba Chamliyal festival is celebrated every year in June in village Chamliyal on Indo-Pak border 40 kms away from Jammu in honour and memory of a Sufi Saint Baba Dalip Singh Manhas, called by a different name from across the border.The unique feature of this festival is that Baba Chamliyal is revered by the people from both sides of the border and the festivity exhibits oneness on either side which makes the bounderies irrelevant for the devotees.People of all faiths in scores throng the Shrine of Baba Chamliyal for one-day festival; however, from Pakistan side people celebrate the festival for 7 days which is concluded the same day from both the sides.

The earth around the Shrine called Shakar,sugar, and water from the nearby well called “Sharbat”,drink, are mixed and the paste so prepared is smeared by the poeple on their bodies for healing skin ailments.A meeting of Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers is held on the International border on the festival day. BSF presents shakar & sharbat to Pak Rangers who in turn present chader, grave cover-sheet,for the Shrine on behalf of Pakistan people.


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