Kailash Kund- Heaven Abode

Kailash Kund, Bhaderwah

Heaven Abode

Kailash in Bhaderwah is called “Kablas”. It is a big lake situated at a height of 14241 ft. from sea level. It is beautiful, Pure having ice cold clear fresh water lake, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. There are many such kunds, some are large like Kailash, Rishi dals and Kal dals (Dal means Lake), some are small kunds among the surrounding hillocks and rocks.

Kailash yatra is performed every year in the month of August in the name of revered Sri Vasuki Nag, who is believed to protect the inhabitants of Bhaderwah and surroundings.

This Yatra Starts form one of the oldest temple of Shri Vasuki Nag Ji (at village Gatha). It starts in morning with beating of Drums, blowing of flutes amidst the shouting of religious slogans by the people like“JAI BOLO NAGE BASKE KI JAI… JAI BOLO NAGE BASKE KI JAI… JO BOLE GA JAI KARA HOYE GA SATKARA BOL SACHE DARBAR KI JAI.”

Shri Vasuki Nag , reached Kailash kund at the time when Garoodh Ji had challanged him to fight , as Garood Ji wanted to kill Shri Vasuki Nag Ji. Instead of fighting With Garoodh ji, Shri Vasuki Nag Ji ran away to avoid the fight to keep Garoodh’s promise which he had made to his mother Vaneeta. Both Vasuki Nag ji and Garood ji were the sons of great Saint Maharishi Kashyap.

The trek to Kablas is challenging and tough thus also making it one of the emerging destinations for adventurers, especially, the foreigners.


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